The Rental Process

The steps involved in applying for a property can be broken down into a very simple list:

  • Find a property you like, confirm it meets your criteria,
  • Pay the relevant reference fees, provide ID and complete the application forms,
  • Once referencing is complete return to sign the tenancy documentation,
  • Finalise payment of the balance (first month's rent and tenancy deposit),
  • Collect your keys, meet the Inventory Clerk and move-in.

You're Important Too!

Often overlooked by letting agents is the person we all need. You. Without you, the Landlord would have an empty property. And we'd have no need to be in business. While it's true that our clients are our Landlords, this doesn't mean we should overlook you. So we don't.

Your Questions Answered

We've compiled an extensive but not exhaustive list of common questions and answers which you access via the link below. We trust it will be of help to you in deciding whether renting is the right choice for you. With a very few rare exceptions, it usually is.

Please bear in mind that we see many differing situations and circumstances that can't all be covered on this website. We can't guarantee to assist in every situation, but we promise that we will always work hard with our Landlords to find the right fit of Tenant and the right Landlord for you. So please don't think that we can't help if an answer isn't here. If you need to know something more, just ask.

Link to 'Your Questions Answered'