River Sales & Lettings is proud to support Hamble Lifeboat.

As an independent lifeboat service, it does not benefit from the millions given annually through the public generosity bestowed upon the RNLI. Yet the service and its crew take the same risks. In all weather and at all hours.

Hamble Lifeboat's station is now too small and lacking the most basic facilities. A toilet, efficient heating and hot running water. The things we all take for granted on a daily basis. Routine maintenance of the boats is incredibly difficult in the cramped conditions. And the crumbling sectional concrete building is in desperate need of replacement.

Since 1968, they have been there, ready for the call. Helping people like you and families like your own in times of need and danger. Now, with planning in place and the land lease secured for the next 90+ years, the trustees and crew of Hamble Lifeboat are asking for your help. Help to raise the £500,000 target to build the new lifeboat station, ensuring the crew can continue their lifesaving work for generations to come, from a place that affords them the space to train, maintain the two lifeboats, and to continue to save futures. A place that the residents of Hamble can be justifiably proud of.

For more information please visit their website, www.hamblelifeboat.co.uk, join their Facebook Group or follow them via the links below.